Finally a Friday

The longest four days of my life

(Some how there is a space time worm hole that also makes the time between 5am and 5:15 the shortest time span of the day but that's a discussion for another day)

With the help of some music therapy I will make it to the weekend.

Orange County coastal areas-
200 am PST Fri Jan 7 2011

Surf height.............3 to 5 feet with sets to 6 feet.
Rip current potential...high. Strong rip currents and dangerous
                        swimming conditions.
Water temperature.......54 to 57 degrees.

Remarks...west northwest swell.

Outlook for Saturday...3 to 4 feet.


pranaglider said…
I had forgotten about the Beatles cartoon series!
Ramsnake said…
Working full-time sucks if you like to catch waves. Many of the surfers around here are tradies. Plumbers, painters, sparkies and chippies etc that can down tools anytime it is on. For me the solution is to minimise the length of my working week which numbers exactly 2 days in total, kind a like a weekend of work in the middle of the week, leaving 5 days to hit the beach. Ya gotta design a life!
pranaglider said…
Ramsnake, I like your design. I'm still providing for a family, three boys in college etc. Looking forward to 2 days on and 5 off!

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