As you read this
from your office
because from the timing of most of my page hits
I can tell you're at work

(kind of like Santa,
who has that creepy
"knows when you're sleeping,
knows when you're awake ..."
thing going on)

I just want to share that
as of today,
I'm at the office too.

Yes, that is correct, at the office.

No longer the first one at the beach
(never happened)

Not checking out some empty mysto spot
while you toiled away ceaselessly,
day after day
(didn't happen either but I'll never tell)

I have cheerfully traded my life of leisure
(not really leisure,
a degree of poverty maybe
but definitely not leisure)
to assist some, soon to be new friends with their tech work.

So what does this mean?

It's hard to say really,
the future is always hard to predict.
Perhaps a few less posts as I adjust to my new routine.
Perhaps a few more mats in the car boot
as we head into the Winter season
Or whatever season follows the Spring, Not Summer, Fall, Summer seasons.

In the mean time check this blog out Rank Novice


pranaglider said…
hey does anyone out there know how to tie shoelaces? Thankfully they don't require neckties!
We're happy for you! You are terrific!
Warm Aloha,
Cher and Steve
chiledub said…
There is good surf on the weekends, occasionally. Check it out!
Ramsnake said…
Good on ya Prana! It will be nice to have some extra bucks! Maybe after awhile you can negotiate a two day working week so as you can enjoy a 5 day weekend riding all your new mats!
Surfsister said…
Good on ya, Prana!! I'll catch some mat waves for you!
pranaglider said…
Thank you all for the good wishes!

Nothing but Saturdays and Sundays for me for a while. I'm told there will be surf.

I definitely have some mat / photography purchases on the list once I get back in the black.
misterdirk said…
I like to wear ties, but I'm weird that way. Stoked for you, Pranaglider. Good work is good for the soul. Don't forget to keep breathing!
Brine Time said…
i demand a pic of your office "pod"
hang tight (or loose)

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