Back to the Grind?

The first week at the new job worked out well enough that they have asked me back for another week!

I would like to thank Mother Ocean for not offering up too much swell last week.

A quick pre-dawn session followed by the inevitable sudden nasal drainage during the "big meeting" has ruined a lot of careers.

In the surf industry I am sure the reverse is true.

In my mind I see some official from Surf Corp HR standing at the entrance door every morning..

Everyone has to bend down to pick up something off the floor.

If gallons of sea water doesn't drain out of your nose upon standing, they give you a look, make a note on their clip board and say, "Hey, whats a matter?  You no surf?"

But I could be mistaken.

So the conversion to being a "weekender" was smooth enough.

The surf, amusingly enough was "summer like". Small wind swells with just enough energy to break.

I wish I could have bottled a couple of those waves from the summer.


Brine Time said…
Great post. Maybe I standup too much but I don't get the nose thing - more a swooshing around in the ears as I hang on to the bus when commuting
stay stoked and don't let the Grind grind
pranaglider said…
Briney, TAke off deep, too deep. Cleans the sinus' out nicely!
Brine Time said…
Good one. so obviously a market for some sort of mexican wrestling mask one can wear in the surf to keep the sinus dry and protect the fcae from UV?

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