Hurray for hump day

I get my first check tomorrow!

Now that I am fully employeed

I have turned the giant eye of Mordor,

(which is just code for my personal consumer spending)

to the things that I may need to have a comfortable

if not down right toasty winter season

So  I have been doing my homework, comparing the ads and talking with my matting friends

I haven't gone down to the shops to try these puppies on because I really hate that part!

Even if a good fit is the most important thing in a wetsuit.

But I have narrowed it down to the new one with the wool

That costs four times as much as my first car

Or the suits that Jack makes

That also cost four times as much as my first car


Maybe I'll just wear my old suit another year

it's been good all summer!


pranaglider said…
I put it in there to be funny but the guy(?) in the wetsuit kind of creeps me out.

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