Surfing the Internets

With the new job comes the many perks of employment

I have, much to the amazement of friends and family

switched from the button on a string of connecting to the web to high speed internet

Since I am moving from one ISP to another

If we have corresponded at any point in the last five years you maybe receiving an email with my new address

Sorry about any inconvenience that may cause

I on the other had am cleaning out my email folders

Some of you may know that I am ah, how to put this delicately,

"reluctant to relinquish my hold on any object that comes my way".

I am a pack rat of the highest order and my "collection" of digital junk just takes up less space

My email stretches back at least ten years

and I have filed away every one

never deleting anything

fearing that I might need it at some point in the future.

After I get through this I am joining some sort of ten step program for hoarders


pranaglider said…
I fully expect to die in an avalanche of surf magazines surrounded by my 23 cats.
Unknown said…
to be found three months later
have a great loony lunar weekend

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