Do you stand up on that?

Part of a new job is getting to know the people at work.

It's a great group, I lucked out but there is still a break in period.

Like fins. 

It's a subtle time of give an take 

heaven forbid you insult someones favorite sport or team.

But then the subject shifts to 

What do YOU do on the weekend?

The deflated mat and fins come out 

followed by primitive gestures, pantomiming  and assorted grunts.

The comments are always interesting.

"Do you stand up on that?" was not new but I always flash to my standing attempts on the retail mats of the early sixties.

Once I gather my thoughts, 

I can only reply

"No I surf it,

on my belly.

Like a reptile"

Photo by Dane Peterson

It's fun and sometimes the view is nice

  Have a great weekend


Okemah said…
"Do you stand up on it?" and "Have you taken it to the Wedge?" are my favorites.
Unknown said…
what about "my girlfriend had one of them"?

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