Wildfires and mudslides

As we bid farewell to what was supposed to be winter and hello to the spring/summer
A very important season to the sportswear/tourism complex here in SoCal

It occurs to me that there are really only two seasons in Southern California Wildfire season and mudslide season

The yin and yang of the local weather patterns if you will.

The native plants, all of whom are intimately acquainted with the semiregular Californian drought conditions bide their time in the sunshine. When the occasionally heavy rains of an El Nino year occur the plants to grow thick and tall in the steep canyons and arroyos.

But come summer time, months after the last measurable rainfall the stuff makes great kindling…
Add a touch or a torrent of dry offshore wind and wildfires burn to the sea.

No stopping them really.

Months later, during a rainy year, rains run off the hills in sudden streams.
Removing the unguarded topsoil and occasionally the whole hillside.

Don't even get me started on June Gloom

(more Handplane Hoe Down pics tomorrow)


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