Sailor Song

I had just finished my last book when I came across this copy of Ken Kesey's Sailor Song at the thrift shop the other day.

I am a big fan of the lending library but for 50 cents I don't have to worry about the due date.

I just started in but so far I like it. I'll read his other works as they present themselves

My nighttime reading fills that sliver of time after dinner and guitar playing but before sleep.

The cat doesn't mind the guitar playing so much (I think he's deaf) but requires a bit of snuggling before he retires for the evening so the guitar gets put away and I provide my services as a heat source for his highness.


Unknown said…
I think Ken would want you to read aloud to his highness. heheheh
" they present themselves..."
I like that way of choosing too. Or being chosen.
When I had just finished a book a couple weeks ago, was doing some work by a high school... saw a book lying in the middle of the roadway....flipped it over was
"Lord of the Flies"
which I have bee intending to read.
may have read it in high school....but I was focused on extracurricular activities.

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