Monday walk around the garden

Steve and Cher gave us this cutting a few years ago, it hasn't stopped blooming since. I have it sitting with the Plumeria.

 A California native,this one ebbs and flows, at it's best it turns bright red. It's called campfire...

 Such a warm winter the plumeria never lost all it's leafs and always had a flower or two. One of the few flowers that I can say is truly intoxicating with it's fragrance. Lots of Aloha every surfer should have one

Every garden has to have guardians. This is only the porch but Fluffy rules with an iron fist!

A bloom from one of the sages. I like this photo because the lawn looks green.  It's not. Like a surf photo where it looks like the rider might make lie!

This one is from a front yard experiment that has turned into a huge shrub that would like to take over the house.  Part of the year it has these exotic looking flowers.  The bees love them and we can't do enough for the local bees.

Here a couple of classic geraniums are climbing a climbing rose bush.

The cecile brunner climbing rose is one of my favorites. Very fragrant and perfect little buds.

Well that's a good place to stop.

More tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed the pics.


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