4GF Prototype Sale !!!

I have a few mats.

You never know when a trip that has nothing to with a surf (hypothetically) can turn into a "the tide was just right and there was a little swell pulse that was hitting a sandbar that wasn't there before" supersession.

It happens

They are sometimes short

but they are often sweet and they have the potential to be epic.

So I never leave home without one in the trunk.

Then there all the mat curious friends.

Ever try and pry your mat out of the hands of someone who just caught the best wave of their live on it?

So now is the time to pick up that extra or maybe even your first mat.

A word to the wise these things go quick so don't delay

From the surfmatters site

We have a stack of prototype mats that have been building up for a while. Since it's spring here in the Northern Hemi, we decided to clean out the workshop and sell our spare mats.

We have 10 Omni prototypes and 5 Standard prototypes. These are all solid, near-new mats. They are all good performers...just minor variations over the stock models they represent.

The cost is $100 per mat, plus $9 shipping. US orders only.

Neil Pye in the Brisbane area has one brand new 5GF mat in stock, and that mat is on sale as well. (The 5GF is a bigger wave mat.) Same price, in Aussie dollars. Aussie orders only. Contact Neil at:

If you'd like to order, contact 4GF through our home page at surfmats.com. Let me know what model you're interested in, and I'll let you know the availability and how to order.




pranaglider said…
1 Omni and 2 Standards left in the US. 1 5GF in Australia
Marketeer said…
I picked up my second 4GF during the sale. Now I have an Omni and Fatty.

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