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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hobbies, Habits and Addictions

And so it comes to pass

That I spend more than a few

of my afternoons

in thrift shops these days.

It was bound to happen

I am, quite possibly,

"the cheapest man on earth"

Sadly no beer commercial,
I guess
"Stay cheap my friends"
just doesn't have that ring to it...

To me it's a lot like fishing, in that,
you never know what you are going to catch

Remind me to tell you about the time I found two pairs of Patagonia trunks in my size for 5 dollars.

I get them home and try them on and find 5 bucks in the wax pocket!

Gotta love Patagonia...I didn't even know they had a rebate program...

So anyway yesterday there was a box full of VHS surf videos

I'd seen most
and didn't want to see the rest
I've grown tired of watching fins out tail slides set to speed metal

But these two promised to be interesting

Any of the Tom Curren Seach series is going to be worth the watch
(I'm hoping this is the one that re-ignited the interest in twin fins and fish)

and something about the title Fluid Combustion seemed familiar.

So for 50 cents a pop, I pulled the trigger

no wait it was half price day at the thrift store

make it 25 cents each

Like I said, I'm cheap...

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Robin Thomson said...

Michelle and you would get on like a house on fire. She is a huge Op shop (as they are known here) gal!