It just wasn't fair

So we went to the Board Room show yesterday

(note to self LOUD Aloha shirts are no longer "de rigueur" for surfers at social events - who knew?)

A subtlety different crowd and general vibe to this one versus the shows down in San Diego

Still the best boards, those with the most mana, were the ones that were created by hand and not popped out of a mold.

Greenoughs Velo is always a mind blower and then you can walk right over to a Liddle hull and see how far we have come.

Of course the 6'2" tri fins were well represented but it's getting more and more difficult to get enthusiastic about them no matter how pretty and well made they are.

Surfing for me is still a pair of fins and a blow up

I have yet to find the cable for the camera I took so pics may be coming

but then again maybe not

Also in the" maybe not" category,

The Santa Ana winds were really blowing yesterday,

and there was swell

so as many of the locals enjoyed some of the best surf of the season

I was limping around the fair grounds

It just wasn't fair

A beautiful Mike Moir photo


KingWaka said…
Great Post! I saw thru another post on Facebook that a few of my friends were there as well at the Boardroom, and yes the surf was SMOKING !!! The crew at kneelo Cove were frothing as usual...your turn for good waves again!

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