Fall is the best part of Summer

Another nice thing about the Autumn time

is that you can literally wear your entire wardrobe in a day

the mornings are a bit chilly

so Ugg boots and a hoody are the call

by mid-day or early afternoon if you live closer to the beach

you are back to the usual formal uniform

flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt

add sunglasses and a hat if you are going outside

very nice

these last few

crumbs of summer

which around here

can last thru January

but by the late afternoon

you are changing into long pants

and maybe wearing a light windbreaker

on the after dinner walk around the neighborhood

Nothing to do with today's post but I couldn't find this picture when I was looking for it earlier. 
I had planned to include it in the annual "surf car" post and couldn't find it. 
Found it so here it is.


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