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Friday, October 4, 2013


"Fall is when all the best summer days happen"

The Fall is my favorite time of year

The northern hemisphere starts a long slow exhale

with a pause during the Winter

before Gaia starts the cycle over again with the deep inhale of Spring

The Board Room show is this weekend at the OC Fairgrounds

If you see some guy checking out the boards and art work but muttering about mats

that would be me.


Quite a serious wind event in the works apparently. Starting today and lasting through the weekend.

Drink extra water, make sure the kids, pets and plants have water and be careful with fire

Suppose to be some swell in the water

I wonder how that will turn out?

Prono Paradiso this weekend !

Enjoy the day

1 comment:

mattitude said...

hb at huntington street a bit more towards hilton meet up at high tide 9 am.