Day of the Dead

Every year same thing,

I no longer jump up and down on the couch screaming

"I can't be sick it's Halloween!"

(Dressed as a flying wombat or something it's surprising my parents could keep a straight face)

but the change of season has found me the host to a cold virus.

Not real sick (thank heavens) but sick enough to know that I should just take it easy for a few days,

work half days and

repair to my lair and let the cat,

who has grown to the size of a Bengal Tiger in the sickie selfie above,

keep the treaters back and use me as a hot rock to sleep on....

There is always next year


pranaglider said…
rock n roll animal on monday and laid low with the sniffles on wednesday. someone has a sense of the comedic
I've said it elsewhere...



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