What do ya do?

When the surf is flat

or windy

or the tide is

too high or

too low

You gotta do something!

Guitar case
For some odd reason

considering I am almost totally

tone deaf

I've decided

A guitar!

(insert mangle G chord .wav file here)

That's what I need

Considerably more guitar

than I can either

play or even

remotely deserve

Like the kook that catches the wave of the day

I am not worthy!

 But at least I don't have to spend the long winters nights

watching sitcom reruns

Fluffy totally digs the case!

PS I will NOT be jamming, gigging, touring, dropping a new CD or playing within earshot of humans.


Made by Hand

So many of the objects we come in contact with on an average day are mass produced with such high tolerances that they are virtually identical.   I have made and effort to try to develop an appreciation for those (very few) things still made by hand. It's the variations, the imperfections that make things unique. Stop a moment, take a closer look. A brush stroke, a tool mark, maybe a bit of wood grain. That's the universe staring right at you. And it's smiling

Here are a couple of videos about the the luthier who makes these instruments. Great Stuff

Here is the second video


Surfsister said…
Oh, c'mon, Prana. We could jam together. You will see firsthand my magical stick-dropping abilities.
pranaglider said…
Thanks for the invite and all but I'll have to decline. I like music I really do and some of my favorite parts is when the drummer drops a stick or breaks one, grabs a new one and continues on. Missing only a beat or two. Great stuff. But just because I have a guitar does necessarily mean I can play the guitar...
Anonymous said…
Keep on blockin in a cheese world.
pranaglider said…
anon - It's great to have readers from Wisconsin!

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