a recap of 2012

Stuff happened

not much rain during the local "rainy season"

Some idiot(s) hacked my twitter account so they could get people to click on a link to a diet pill ad by saying that someone was saying something bad about them

Then more stuff happened

The weather warmed up and I wore shorts

I got a great new mat!

The weather got colder and I switched to long pants and socks

The world was supposed to end

but then it didn't.

It seems someone read the directions wrong and it was just the end of one cycle and the beginning of another

greens definitely greens

It rained a little bit before the local "rainy season" started

Then more stuff happened

The End

of one cycle and the beginning of another. 
Chopped into units, each containing the four seasons and numerically named.
On the bright side if you can read this your eyes are still pretty good!


joe said…
did we have another riot? last one was great.
pranaglider said…
Joe, No new riots but I have always like the picture. I seemed to go with the theme. Stuff happened...

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