Life leaves a mark

- Pillsbury Point - 
I'd tell you where it is but 
then I would have to poke you in the stomach and eat you

Greetings and salutations!

If you are reading this post then I assume that you have navigated your way past the end of the world falls

Thru the Christmas holidays

Around the end of the year celebrations

You may have even managed to have not fallen over the fiscal cliff,

although it maybe too early to tell about that one.

So here you sit, with two questions fighting it out for the thought space allowed for the day

"When do I get more time off?"


"What do I do about my New Years resolutions?"

You have probably already burned through all the time off you will be allowed for quite a while. You may as well just put your head down on your desk and forget about that for a while. Try repeating the mantra "It's already Wednesday, it's already Wednesday... for a while. It helps. Trust me.

(At least until the next winter swell  / offshore winds combo conditions when I'm sure you will develop that nasty two maybe three day cold that is going around...)

As for your New Years resolutions, they take care of themselves actually. Since the Xmas cookies are all gone (I know they are because I looked) the 25 percent increase in calories you have been consuming will level off and if you increase your activity level just a tad no one will ever know about that extra 5 pounds.

The count down to the summer matting season starts now!


pranaglider said…
kind of a puff piece. I had something more interesting but it fell apart when I tried to pick it up so I could put it down on paper.

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