A Wind Event

We haven't had one of those in a while.

It's been offshore, sure. But a real window rattler with the always fun "it's trash day and your cans have just gone rolling down the street, spilling their contents everywhere, oh but maybe it's the neighbors so I'll pick it up later" kind of wind.

But let's for a moment ponder the wonderful sculpting effects the Devil Winds can have on some decent swell.

The kids' got nice style, weigh well balanced, good arm position

Here we show off shore winds holding up a wave face allowing this young man to venture into the "Pope's Living Room"  (never a bad day for an obscure Jock Sutherland Pipeline reference) 

The same young man, moments later "claiming it"
I think this went the same way as "planking"
I may have been miss informed.

Be that as it may the local swell conditions have been blown flat by the winds so not much to discuss if you don't take into account the GIANT STORM brewing out the back.

We'll see

As for me
I wish I could still go out in the garden and pick a handful of these

but we have made the turn and daylight today is
23 seconds longer than
it was

and that will have to do


Wow! the wind event was strong, and the water seems colder now as a result. We enjoyed your post Prana :-)
PS: ohh, the tomatoes look wonderful.
Dr. Lang said…
Perfect example for removing name and address from all stuff.But please recycle in 2013.
pranaglider said…
Doc, almost went on a rant about all those plastic bags that get blow out to sea on days like this but decided against it. But recycle and vote to ban those damn bags in your city

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