The Endless Summer

a normal


weather pattern

43 degrees

with a chance of rain


with a chance of rain

in a couple of days

then repeat.



the search

for the perfect wave


john said…
ahh, the endless summer, if life would only quit getting in the way. just kidding. I remember reading in your blog somewhere that it takes 23 breaths (if you are in good shape) to blow up a mat. More breaths if you are out of shape. My wife (being the saint that she is) got me a mat (vespa roundtail)for Christmas. I have blown it up 6 times now and everytime it takes just 17 breaths. I believe this is telling me I am full of hot air!!! Life keeps getting in the way, see what I mean!!!???? Do not get me started on fins, let alone the nuances between 4GF and KRYPT mats. I now need to take an endless summer vacation....
john said…
just an add on to my previous post. After the first session on my mat, I knew I was hooked and there was no turning back and with so much info available at the ol fingertips mat overload was bound to happen. life in the OC, poor,poor, pitiful me (haha)!!!
pranaglider said…
Glad you like the taste of the Kool Aide! There should be some mat meets in the not too distant future and you can meet the whole tribe.

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