Omni Update

I was just sitting on the porch with the cat, drinking my morning coffee, thinking about the meaning of life.

It turns out that the meaning of life IS sitting on your porch with the cat, drinking coffee.

Who knew?

Omni Update

I met up with Tom T. on Friday at the Boneyard and got to try out the Blue Streak Omni.

My first impression is that the Omni is so fast it's going to take me a while to figure out how to ride it.  As fast as it is I think the real advantage is in its handling and maneuverability.

I like the breaks in the front half of the grip.  By introducing a break you can change your grip pressure by small amounts without interfering with your connection to the mat on your side arm. The chest area is open and I put in more grip stripes in the back. I wanted a mat that allowed me ample grip in the hand and forearm but that left my upper torso free to roll and twist. I also left more of the rear outside rail grip-free to cut down on drag.

So how does it ride?

When you are perched on a wall you can alternatively squeeze or let off on the front corner. This lets you subtly move the air in the mat. Squeezing moves the air to plump up the inside rail and you go a little faster. When you let off and the air moves to a more neutral position, then depending on your body position you can either move up the wave a little higher in the pocket or if the wave has flattened out, lets you drift sideways.

This subtle movement of air inside the mat and the resulting variable changes in riding characteristics are what make the surf mat the most advanced surf vehicle available. The Omni displays all those favorable characteristics and turns on a dime. 

Paul will always be tweaking the mats as he builds and rides them up in SB, and along with everyone in the global mat community I am always looking forward to what he will come up with next, but right now I am just looking forward to getting more time in the water with the Omni, this mat is all time!

More to come


Piskian said…
Does your cat drink your morning coffee with milk?
pranaglider said…
I try to discourage it but since he learned to make espresso I've given up...besides he does these neat mouse and cheese images in my lattes!
Surfsister said…
I told you it was the best mat ever!!

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