pre holiday musings

I get up early (sometimes)

this morning it's 41 degrees

so stoked I'm not living on the streets

there is a great many things to be grateful for

If you are a fan of this blog

you have spare time(perhaps too much), access to a computer and an internet connection

even it's at work, school or the local library

You may spend a fair bit of the time riding waves and the local beaches on an inflatable nylon bag created expressly for that purpose by a master craftsman with years of experience in the design and fabrication of these surf craft.

At this point, if you surf on a pillowcase filled with air you swiped from a siblings bed this morning feel free to allow yourself a smug smile.

The rest are just a bunch of lucky ducks

Enjoy the holidays!


My proofreader, editor / script consultant is at home today "waiting for an important package" so all errors, spelling issues, grammatical infractions etc are entirely my own and shouldn't reflect, from that standpoint, on the whole 23B organization. 

PPS - If things come together surf and weather wise next week there might still be a mat meet. In the mean time so surf.


El Serracho! said…
No I'm not! So watch it.

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