the official mat meet waiting period

Photo by Jason at Daily Bread

After a brief respite I am back in charge of my own destiny
the captain of my own soul
the master of my fate...

awfully spry for so early in the am
the meds must be kicking in


With my universe tipping back to the normal tilt

I'm thinking fondly of some of the Christmas traditions
we hold so dear around the 23B hearth

first and foremost

"if it's not done by now
it's not happening"

lay that burden down
and try to easy into the holidays
with some shred of vitality and good cheer
before it is torn away like the last good Christmas cookie

And since I have mentioned the shred
I am declaring the period between the 25th and the 31th
the official mat meet waiting period

Hard to tell what we might find
yesterday started clear and turned to rain, thunder and lightning by early evening
this morning it's cold, clear and the forecast calls for warm off shore winds

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today is a gift.
That's why it's called the present.


Hope it's on the thirty oneth!

b said…
Can't wait. Hoping to be a first time attendee.
pranaglider said…
b - keep an eye out here, surfmatters and on the facebook group. Looking forward to meeting you. It's a fun group.

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