That's more or less how many emails load up in my main email box in a week.

I know because I haven't looked at them for seven days (still haven't actually).

This of course doesn't count Facebook, Twitter, general web browsing, and everything at work.

This time of year can be overwhelming so I am cutting  back on the stimulation where I can.

I still have a job (thankfully) where I stare at the screen for 8-10 hours a day and try to make sense of what I am seeing.  They would be very upset if I neglected the email accounts there so I am still getting my daily quota.

But something had to be done.

The Holiday Roar of  TV, newspapers, the internet not to mention the people in the stores who I'm sure, would happily pummel you for that "Tickle me Emo"  you're carrying.

It was truly "harshing my mellow"

and I hate when that happens.

So I am limiting my stimulation for a while, where I can.

I have answered a few emails and will continue to post on 23B.

But I need some rest if I am going to make it through the holidays and into the new year.


Surfsister said…
I recently said to someone that this year has been so trying that it's all I can do to hold steady and make it to the New Year without committing a felony!!

In other words, I get you, Prana!

Do your thing. We'll be here. We always are.

P.S. TT and I had a killer mat session yesterday at Le OC. We didn't know the waves would be as good as they were. It was even breaking through that massive high tide. Pray for a new mat meet!
Hi Prana, we understand and are keeping things simple too where we can. We're sending you and your family love and Aloha daily and during the holidays. Merry Christmas!
pranaglider said…
SurfSis - I may use that line MitthNYwoaF. Good stuff! Stoke you guys scored!!

Steve and Cher - It's hard for me to keep true to the season, whatever that may mean with all this commotion going on. One thing I omitted it that when I listen to music I only listen to acoustic instrumentals. Very restful.
Prana, Ditto on instrumental music. And much of what we listen to is ono Hawaiian . . lovely and peaceful.
Brine Time said…
and wallow in da brine
Piskian said…
Good idea to keep to the acoustic instruments,mate.But remember the Oakland PD crack down on luters.
Opened the Christmas crackers too early!Do you have those over there?Cheers!

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