No guessing where the road goes

It seems that it is time to do an end of the year review

But to be honest

I can’t remember last week

Let alone the whole year

Every morning I get up early

Brew some tea and surf the net

I read a little bit

Then I write a little bit

Only a few words

Just arrangements of the same ole 26

Oh then I steal some photos

Same as the day before

Some people like them

Some may not

I don’t read them much so

I don’t really have an opinion

They remind me of the plants that grow in the garden

Some are flowers

Some are weeds

I can’t really tell the difference

I do know where this road goes

But how it gets there

Is anyone’s guess

Besides the view along the way

That’s the thing

No guessing where the road goes


We lost a water brother just the other day
Some may say that his business contributed to the overcrowding in the waves
Others might say that he just organized a great deal of data that few took the time to understand
I think of his efforts as that of a scientist who studied the wind and the water for a few good waves
Best to think of his work as a form of subtle and beneficial magic and ride a wave in his honor


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