All about mats

Greyman and his merry band of matter over at the Uk Matt Surfers org

Have put together a list of articles for the mat curious.

Check it out All about Mats


Anonymous said…
If I was interested in mats and looked at this piece I'd think the only guys who rode mats where from England
Piskian said…
Well,Cornish,mostly.You can tell by the musty scent of machissimo and the vaguely disrespectful stance toward authority.
Does it worry you?Do you need a hug,my darling?
I'm guessing you didn't read all of the pages Mr/Ms Anon. The "All That Matters" article is a piece about mat surfing in the UK so I can understand your comment. The riding guide, fin guide and care and repair bits are pretty generic I'd say.

Also, the site is called UK Mat Surfers! :p


PS Cheers for posting this Prana.

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