I get emails about surf mats quite frequently
Not surprising I suppose

So I'm chatting away with my new friend
trying to explain surfmats
I still find it hard to explain after all this time

It would be so much easier if we were standing in waist deep water
with a decent SW swell running

Since we aren't I try to explain using some common touch points we share

So you remember riding the rental mats in the 60's?
Maybe owned one of the lightweight ones from the drug store?

Well it's nothing like that

I find the car analogy works best

Think about how a 56 Chevy  Bel Air handles

That's the rental mat. Fast Fun and a little strange in the corners...

Now think about a barely street legal Ferrari

That is the current state-of-the-art handmade surfmat

The end result is the same
but when you factor in the advantage of variable inflation the range of application is so much greater you end up with a dusty surfboard quiver 


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