Except for the figs....

Late summer
the tomatoes are spent
the native sages have grown, flowered and faded
nothing did well
except for the figs....

the surf
such as it is in the summer
has had a few moments
The Mean Ole Nasty Wedge
made the most of the 4th of July swell
but nothing
that will remain
in memory
for very long
"remember the thunder from down under?"

the crowds, the tourist hordes
have had a field day
if not the letter of the law
then the spirit of kindness
infesting the beaches
but no riot at HB this year...

always a warm month
has set records
102 F
for the labor day weekend

I have noticed the change of season
the plants
they don't have calendars
they ARE calendars...
they know and
are turning
completing the circle...

the weather will cool
and things will change
back to the new normal
back to the fall


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