you blinked and I was gone

Here, in no particular order, are the guest submissions to 23B

Good Stuff!

I thought for a second
I had caught your eye there in
the mirror all twinkle blue
and darting around
watching me watch the surf
stare at my mat
until I looked in at you
looking back at me
you blinked and I was gone


pranaglider said…
I really enjoyed this one
so much better than my usual

A round of applause for anon 1!

Let's hear it folks

Anonymous said…
For Shame young John A’gustus
Your vows are good no more
You let the air from out your mat
Self pity is taking over.
Your friends don’t Mat around you
They think your airs to blame
Go now young John A’gustus
And play a different game!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Looking thru a porthole
I glimpsed a swaying sea
The confusion in the cabin
Made my stomach turn on me
The captain came from on his post
A tin cup in his hand👏
He shouted I propose a toast!
And out the door I ran👣

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