Mat Meet at Cottons

The Meet and Greet
G-man and family flew halfway around the world and coordinated a mat meet at Cottons last Sunday

Like all the mat meets this one was a blast!

We mat riders live in a bubble, a time a space anomaly if you will
that allows us to move from the tri fin infested, 3 turns to the beach
surfing mentality of Southern California, back to a time 
when if you saw a car going the other way on PCH with a board on top
you pulled over.

Either you knew the car’s occupants or you wanted to know them
because they surf too!
Imagine a time when you had to look for someone to surf with…
that’s how it is with surf mats.

So after numerous new best friends were acquired and existing relationships rekindled, 
we walked down the trail enjoying the super bloom the winter’s rains have brought us...
and then we took over Cottons Point.

Few things are better than the looks on surfers faces as a dozen mat riders paddle out.




There was surf, we had a blast and if you missed it,

you really should have been there yesterday...
Lower Inflation Central
PS Thanks to Mike for pretty much writing this one for me!
PPS Thanks to Morgan for taking pictures while I was out floundering in the surfline


Mike Janich said…
Really great to meet you last Sunday, Bruce. None too many things in this world are better than rekindling the spirit of our youth when times were simpler and surfing was the most fun thing we could do with our pants on....Well... trunks aren't quite pants but you know what I mean!
pranaglider said…
Mike, So very true! Enjoy the day! Bruce

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