Rando Friday

 about the 405 freeway and the morning commute in Orange County

Pick a lane and stay in it!

I did some research about transportation, accidents, traffic fatalities etc., while getting my degree.
The data clearly shows changing lanes doesn’t help, you just race up to the next bottleneck.
Pick a lane, stay in it and pay attention to the car in front of you.  It could stop. Suddenly.

If you have more money than sense and have gone out and just had to buy some uber expensive pleasure barge to drive to work in.

Don’t expect anyone to gauze longingly at your car when we are stopped in traffic, fantasizing how cool it must be to be you. We are all stuck in traffic, none of us is ever going to ever have a chance to go mach 1 on the freeways around here, and you are probably an idiot.  If you want to impress anyone you should have bought reliable transportation that does well in a crash and then invested the rest of the money or donated it to some worthwhile charity. That's impressive!

If you are driving south on the 405 in the morning and you have a surfboard strapped to the roof of your car.

First stop smiling.  It’s hard enough to drive in to work on a Monday.  I spend the entire commute trying to avoid being involved in a firey crash wilst  mulling the surf conditions around in the back of my mind,  trying to calculate how many PTO hours I have and wondering if I have used the  “I won’t be in today because I have the one day leprosy” excuse this month yet. So if you have the day off and are heading down to Trestles, SanO or points south please flash me a “I’m–going-to-the-dentist” frown as you pass by. 
It will really help me continue on to work and I would appreciate it!

Best Regards


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