Would your name be Winter?

Have we met before?

Through tonight, a cold low pressure system over the southwest
states will bring showers with low snow levels. Heavy snowfall
will occur in the mountains and snow showers may linger near the
mountains on Friday. Areas of frost and freezing temperatures are
expected tonight for the inland valleys. Saturday through
Wednesday will be dry with a warming trend with high temperatures
returning to around average by Tuesday or Wednesday.

It had been so long since we had a real Winter
These months are usually just a few not hot days
between the increasingly hot Summers
I had forgotten how much I loathe the weather

You would think that with the whole Johnny Winter post thing I have going that I would have had Johnny playing. Maybe something from the Nothin but the Blues album like TV Mama...


But I just found out about Scrapper Blackwell and this guy rocks, 

I think Mr. Winter would understand...


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