The Morning Fog

Locally, the morning fog, heavy with sea salt and diesel oil mixes with the scent of the various components of the California chaparral producing a sweet yet pungent aroma.

Add the intoxicating scent of orange blossoms and I'm home

As I enjoyed my morning coffee this morning I noticed the dryness that comes along with the high pressure and NE wind was gone and I could smell sage!

The  whole Salvia plant family (mints, sages etc) is very interesting and most have a wonderful and varied scent.

I've found them easy to grow, they are almost always in flower and since it's a native plant it deals with the droughts rather well.

We have planted several varieties and on mornings like this the scent alone brings me back to the days of my youth when all of my boyhood home was orange groves or native chaparral.

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I'm starting to lean
towards the beliefs
of my physics friends,
that all agree,
there is no time.

The past is always experienced as a memory experienced in the present.
We all agree that the future is just imagined also in the present.

There is only the now

There is no time machine, because there is no time ...

Something to think about
in between sets...


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