An unending supply of Friskies Tender Vittles

The very first thing in the morning
(which we define as 4am)

The cat decides that his prison/palace
stuffed to the rafters with
food, water and a clean litter box

is a little too prison

and so he must be allowed
to visit the front garden

to drink mass quantities
of the same filtered water
available from several fine China cups
located in the house

filtered tap water
is apparently the water of the Gods
when consumed
before daylight
on the front porch

as for me
I have fallen off
the decaf wagon
and burnt the wheels,
the wagon bed
and all other
combustible wagon bits
in a campfire
by the side of this
seemingly unending road
so that I can make

The cat assumes his position
grooms twice and
assumes his role
Master of the Universe

I finish my coffee
make feeble attempts
to coax my bones
into a shape
resembling a skeleton
and begin my day
devoted to
earning money to
provide an unending supply
of Friskies Tender Vittles



Okemah said…
"When a man loves cats, he is my friend and comrade, without further introduction"
- Mark Twain
pranaglider said…
I don't so much love cats and I work for cats and don't want to loose the benefits package...

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