You can never go home

Putting together a little photo post this morning about HB

Wondering why it feels so strange when I go there

"You can never go home"

but then it occurred to me

I can go home because

it's all gone!

Jan of Jan's Health Bar.  This used to be in the back of Georges surf shop. Jan moved the deal down the street after Georges shop closed down

The Surf Cinema - torn down and replaced by a mini mall

Chuck Dent - There is still a CD shop and boards even but Mr. Dent passed away long ago. The mad rap that was the Chuck Dent experience died with him.

They even torn down the pier and replaced it with a new one!

The wave is the same even though everything else has changed


speedshaper said…
First it's "when", then it's "in", then it's "then", then it's gone.
Grateful to have experienced it.
Now, there is no THERE, there.
pranaglider said…
No there there indeed
but was it ever there at all
or did we bring it with us?

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