Rain in the Forecast

so there you have it

winter's coming

I hope you enjoy it

If we get five more storms just like it

we will still be under the average rainfall

A fair amount of water related damage

mudslides below the hillsides


high tides and high surf

the odd ocean front restaurant damaged

(table 3 would like their water glasses refilled when you get a minute)

Still probably the most dangerous thing in the water

are the pollutants

microbial, toxins,

street oil, dog poop,

and any things else that fits in the storm drain ...

plus the nuclear waste

don't tell me the something with a half life of thousands of years

is going to magically disappear

in the Pacific

like a lost fishing boat in a storm


KingWaka said…
Same here at the moment, King Tides and a torrential Low front hitting us.

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