Very Best Surf Cars ever

VW bug

Everyone's favorite car from back in the day!
Add a set of Aloha racks you can take 4 buddies and their long boards to Trestles for the glass off
*Historical Fact - the trip to Trestles is always financed by cashing in pop bottles

VW Bus

see VW Bug above and add more buddies or subtract the buddies and take your girlfriend, configurable for short or extended surf trips
Good mileage and sufficient ground clearance for some dirt road explorations

Mini Truck

You can't bring a crowd - (big plus these days)
plus you have plenty of room for whatever.
If you add a shell you have security and a motel room!
This still has good gas mileage


Given the world wide economy, gas prices and my personal employment situation...

I would add a rack for my mat, fins and wetsuit

So let me know what is or was your best surf car ever?


mattitude/james sowell said…
Volvo 122 Amazon wagon had a flip down tailgate for easy changing unlike the vw squareback which was a rip off copy as was the notchback. a 6 foot man could sleep flat in the back with the seats folded down. the motor is the same as the 3 million mile irv gordan 1800 so its basicly bulletproof and indestructable. the 122 model won alot of rallys including one across africa so it was tuff as nails. in all the years i owned that car it never once left me completly stranded she always limped home even if something major happened. i took that car to san migel campground every weekend for 2 years straight. honorable mention to the p-1800 volvo It was to small to be a surfers car so it never got molested when i parked it right in front of the spots on palos verdes hill. i still own a few 1800s and a wagon not just a great surf car some of the greatest cars ever made. in its day the 122 was the 2nd most imported car right behind the beatle
Paul Gross said…
Axel said…

Aloha racks were mentioned, my 1960s version. I just found this photo the other day while going through a bunch of old boxes, then saw your post with the same car but factory racks instead.

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