The Lash of St.Francis

One of the fun parts of surfing is watching the weather that makes waves.
Here on the south west coast of Turtle Island
We get swell from three places
Occasionally from two at once
The winter swells come from storms off the Aleutian Islands
Summer swells can be from storms that form on the southern polar icecap
and head northward
from hurricanes that form in the warm waters off of southern Mexico
Ilena and John are the storms digitally portrayed above
I'm writing this on Monday so by Wednesday when I publish this
I may have changed the graphic (i didn't)
It's not that multiple storms are unusual
It's that they are not usual either
Interesting to watch though
The bigger storm will eat the smaller one
If it gets close enough

So if the storm(s) veer to the east (or a right turn if you like)
the storm will head over mainland Mexico
and we might get some rain
if it stays on the tract in the graphic above
it could light up the seven sisters and every other south or south/east beach or point break
all the way up the coast

Another point to consider
the socal sea temps are at or above record levels
the warm water could invite a storm
all the way up to the Californias

In 1938 the tropical storm known as "the Lash of St.Francis" made landfall in San Pedro
before that it was a storm known only as the San Diego hurricane of 1858 hit the continental US.


If it was a steak it would still be mooing....

So no promises but it's something to keep in mind

You might be bouncing grand kids on your knee one day
Telling them about the time you took out a mat at the wedge in the hurricane of 2018

Tropical storm Kristy joins the party


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