how is it made?

I am pitifully ignorant about valves.

look at it

how is  it made?

who attaches it so perfectly to the mat?

I have always suspected they actually grew the valves

in some vast tank

propagated from some valve mother kept alive

in the fridge and feed

a diet of nylon, rubber, some other long chain polymers

and of course a secret blend of 23 herbs and spices...

As for the attachment,

the process cannot be photographed.

My understanding

is that it can only happen during a full moon

Paul wears lavish ceremonial robes

magik incantations are solemnly uttered

a mojo hand and some black cat bones figure prominently ...

The attachment turns out perfect every time.


Mike J said…
And until its new owner
Lovingly places their lips around it
And blows
It remains in a state of
Suspended animation
Can we go to the Beach
And play now?

Haha....Love your blog, Bruce!
pranaglider said…
Glad you like it.
Come back any time.
Paul Gross said…
Bwahahahahaha !!!
pranaglider said…
Good to hear from you Paul!

I hope I didn't reveal too much of the magic.

Hope you have a speedy recovery.

tuskedbeast said…
Great to hear Paul Bwahaha-ing!!!


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