From the Garden - I grow ugly plants

B. cereus

It's been an interesting year

A drought as bad as the droughts of 60-61 or 01-02 ( less than 4 inches)

I got ahead of the weeds for once

a temporary condition no doubt

the tomatoes fared no better than the weeds

If I was a farmer we would starve

We did have a bumper crop of hot however

It was 108 on the 6th of July

pretty flowers
plain stems
what's it mean


tuskedbeast said…
That's too hot. It was 105 here in SF one day last year.
The biggest ray of hope has been the Children's Climate Lawsuit:
Kids see through gun law madness and they see right through government (and almost all other adult) complacency/denial.
I love that you write fairly consistently about climate change, Bruce. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any other surfer-written website that does (let me know if you know of any). As nature-aware people I would think we would. I guess it takes a gardening surfer to do it.

pranaglider said…

I'm just trying to pay attention.
The storms, the wind, the temps.
The breathing

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