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Today's post is about one of my favorite tri-fins.
I brought it used after I got tired of going over the falls on a too thin, too short slipper.
(or maybe I needed to paddle more)

AC Blue 6-7 11.35 19.25 13.75 2.55 4.75 2.15 11.25 3.25
(Rusty is good about giving you the dims)

My 80's trifin - a really fun board

Love the 80's day glow lam!

 Not quite as narrow as it looks in the picture above.

Thick enough to catch waves, made before the glass slipper mentality took over.

The bottom has seen some action.

One fin was busted off and reattached

The tail bump was the rage,

Look for it where the wood below the board intersects the rail line

Day glow nose guard to match the lam

Bought this one used (like most of my boards) so I can't claim credit

It was a time of BIG lams

This replaced my Brewer as my "go to" board.

As soon as I win the Lotto I'm going to ask Mr. Rusty to please shape me several more!

These boards have gotten popular again because
"they are fun to ride"

I know not everyone is going to ride a mat but
eventually the mega surfboard suppliers should consider
producing boards that average surfer can ride in average
conditions and have fun.

I know I'm a marketing GENIUS!

On the other hand, a lot of back yard shapers and
small volume custom shapers probably make their livings
making boards a little longer, wider and thicker
than the slippers I see at the
big box, surf superstores stores.

And that's a good thing.

Support your local shaper / glasser!


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