/*23 Breaths: It's Summer*/

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's Summer

Apparently we had our Spring

somewhere between Christmas and January 23rd...

and now it's Summer...

I have airbrushed the hordes away from the picture above

but a close look at the surf,

small with a touch too much south for this beach

yep it's Summer

not to mention it was 90 plus degrees ...

A bit of serendipity on the trip back to the car,

I ran into a previously unknown fellow mat rider,

that in itself an noteworthy event...

but then

he blew my mind when he whipped out this alt surfcraft

Hand crafted, honey comb core Paipo

Shaped by Mike Marshall, local hero and shaper for Harbour Surfboards

My pics (as usual) fail to capture the awesome contours in this craft but you could tell that Mike knew what he was doing when he made this one...

A very auspicious start to the summer to be sure...

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