Funny Story

So I have this thing I do

when I go surf

mostly like everyone does

coffee, drive, park, check it, suit up and go

my personal twist

is between the check it

and suit up phase

I pretend that it's the 1950's and there is no one else there

the beach in totally deserted

I have to admit that after removing my glasses

and inserting the earplugs

it's not a huge stretch ...

So there I am

"in the 50's"

when back in the present

someone is calling my name...

Either I'm getting good at this

or I really am deaf and blind

as I totally missed the fact

that one old friend and one new friend

were also suiting up two cars away!

I'm just not blending into this future as well as I'd like...


tuskedbeast said…
It's especially funny because we can easily see it from their perspective-


It would be interesting to hear surfer's thoughts Wings of Desire style. I'll bet you're not the only one in a self-absorbed sanity retention fantasy. I know I do too.

Like to paddle furthest out, until I can't see anymore rubber shoulders... or alone inside, photoshopping the scrambling dots out of the picture.

Alone together.
pranaglider said…
I have enough voices inside my head as it is...

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