What's the holdup?"

In the pre dawn
I spoke to the cat
I explained about Benjamin Franklin
about daylight savings
saving lamp oil
about more light in the evenings
I even mentioned
that coyotes were waiting in the dark
down at the corner
all he did
was look at his
and say
"You let me out last week at 6:23
It's 6:30 now
What's the holdup?"


tuskedbeast said…
Love that photo.

What's his name?
pranaglider said…
We named him "Fluffy" because he beats up the neighborhood dogs and any other name would just encourage him. He doesn't respond to the name, actually he barely acknowledges his "support staff" (that's everyone with an opposable thumb who can open a can of food) at all. To quote Jack Smith he thinks of three things food, sex and nothing. One they are "fixed" and feed that leaves ....

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