just a few miles inland

Although the high pressure has not moved over the western states
It has setup for the beginning of a decent blow and the accompanying high temperatures

Yesterday, we had a common occurrence
 one I remember well from my childhood
high temps, what seemed like zero percent humidity
and offshore wind with some swell in the water!

We would beg our parents (someone with a station wagon)
to please, please, please
take us to the beach!
Where we were sure, offshore groomed perfection
awaited us.

We would arrive
(can't you drive any faster Mom?)
only to find that the beach was beset
by onshore wind!

The off shore breeze not quite strong enough
to counter the regular onshore trend
sometimes we would go out anyway
"I drove you guys here you are going in the water!"
we would drive home
beaten down, tails between our respective legs
only to note that the offshore breeze
picked up again
just a few miles inland...


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