Board Room - via wayback machine

What do you call a group of surf legends?

So whatever you call it 
(answer at the bottom)
wherever you turned
you ran into
 literally or figuratively
a Legend in our sport

Rennie - Dreaming of empty Rincon?

Some are just legendarily good people, artists, film makers and the like

Bing and Pez and the rest

Others are the more traditional board makers, magazine publishers, surfers etc

I gathered all of my available courage and walked up to Steve Pezman and thanked him profusely  for making such a great magazine.  I continued to gush that one of the reasons it meant so much to me as a surfer was that I didn't have to read Surfer and Surfing ...

Pez laughed and started looking for the panic button that would alert event security of another nut job... 

The pic above has at least 2 and a half Legends in it

The Shape Off

The shape off had an interesting twist this year

"an interesting twist" being an old shaper joke ...
but I digress...

They gave each contestant
a BIG block of foam
(sort of shaped like a refrigerator)
and said,
"you're a shaper...shape something out of have two hours"

no preshaped, close tolerance blank for this one folks

"you want some rocker? 
well do ya punk?
go ahead and shape some in"

I resisted the urge to shout
"Is my board done yet?"
There by escaping the pounding I so richly deserved...

I don't know who came up with this idea 
but it was brilliant!

We will never see it again.

My favorite part of the show is the stuff people bring in to have appraised
Great Stuff!

Like I said before Lots of Legends
Rich Harbour who most people think of a long board guy
 shaped one of the best short boards I ever saw,

Side note
more Legends than you could shake a stick at!
I was starting to test this theory
but in short order
security was called
and they were not amused...
and the stick was confiscated ...

there were even virtual legends on the big screen

BTW this was as close as we got to anything mat related at
The Board Room
Still no Love
for the most advanced surf craft on the planet
Yeah I know
"The Bored Room" an all
but come on
throw a surf sub-culture a
freakin bone people!

* Answer to the question in the first line

What do you call a group of legends?
A League of Legends

** Yes this wan't this years Board Room Show which I'm sure was fantastic.
I used my personal WayBack machine to revisit the Board Room show held in October 2013
San Diego has had a rough week and I figured the last they they needed was a couple of more tourists breathing the local air.


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