make sure your pets have plenty of water

I have always liked wood, the textures,

the colors, the grains, trees are amazing

So when I found a set of four maple chairs that were beautiful but in need of a refinish I thought "Why not?"

Never mind that I am not strong with tools of any sort...
if I post a picture of a bonfire later on you will know things didn't go as planned...

These chairs were made by Paul McCobb who stopped making this line in 1964
I must say that for being at least 50 years old they are in excellent structural shape!

They legs go thru the seat and have just these platforms on the bottom.

What could happen?

Since I have been posting pictures of the epi flowers I thought it only fair to show what they look like when they are done. 

This is where the magic happens
Which is to say this is where we sit and watch the garden

If you are in SoCal just a reminder that it's going to be hot and windy this week so water your plants and make sure your pets have plenty of water too.


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