upcoming long weekend...

This morning I was reflecting on what to do
with a few "free days"
I have coming up 
this weekend

There is the perpetual desire to ride the wild surf
always good

(and I save 25% per load, whatever that means.  I have stopped reading ER and ING so I hopeless out of touch with the latest in surf slang. When in doubt it always seems to have something to do with Kelly Slater...)

There is always things to do in the garden this time of year

Which, in my case means eat more tomatoes!
(leaf me alone I'm gardening, nom nom nom...)

maybe figure out where to connect my iPhone to the ole Grundig

The sun is up and it's time to stop fantasizing and get to work

I'll think of something later...

BTW Paul is doing a GREAT series on the design of surfmats, things he has discovered over the decades of designing and riding.  Great Stuff.  Go check it out on Surfmatters 


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