/*23 Breaths: Stokefest, SDSFF and Bird's Shed*/

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stokefest, SDSFF and Bird's Shed

Just got back from my first SDSFF / stokefest weekend ok it was just a Saturday but still. the stokefest went off in knee high surf directly seaward of the Cardiff Kook  which on the mat is still overhead but since it was the first time I have been in  the water since, well the last time it was fun.

Then on to Bird's Shedd which is part Congressional Library of SoCal surf history, part lending library and the hub of the SDSFF and SD surf culture. This was my first time and my neck will take days to recover from the 23 degree posterior bend from looking up at the ceiling (Sistine Chapel ceiling for surfboard lovers) Look a Plastic Fantastic! Was that a Shoe?, An 80's Rusty, a quiver of Frye's, Pendo's personal big wave performance gun, and that's just what I can remember because my head exploded about half way through... if you haven't been you gotta go. Then there was the movie(s) which were great,  Dirk's River Run is something akin to 2001 a space odyssey, but with a river, a kid, surf mats and a nice looking right instead of space ships, monkeys and a bunch  of stuff you really needed to read the book to understand.  All in all an awesome time. Thanks to PMK, Petra, Andrea, Glenn, Cher& Steve, Dirk, Kendog and a bunch of other people that put this event together. A set wave for all of you!


Steve and Cher Pendo said...

We really enjoyed your post. The SDSFF was epic, it was great to see you and Mrs. Prana, and share waves, too. Aloha and Cowa-flexit!
Steve and Cher

Tony said...

This is cool!