Big mat sale

Paul has announced a big 4GF Memorial Day mat sale over on Surfmatters

Graeme has also put his mats on sale

You have no reason not to take this opportunity to take the plunge and join the revolution

I am riding a small quiver of four mats (fatty, standard, mini and omni)

That just about covers any kind of wave conditions in my neck of the woods as well as allowing me a couple of loaners to cover friends and family that want to get in on the fun.

At these prices you really should have one at least one in your quiver. If you already have a mat this is a good time to pick up an Omni or a Fatty to mix things up a bit. It's nice to have an extra when friends or a spouse want to see what all the smiling and hooting is about.

A surf mat is a quiver in a bag that lives in the car, disappears into your vacation luggage and is just always there when you stumble onto surf.

Besides all that, they are still the best surf craft on the planet!

Go check it out

Where I go the Omni goes


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